Lately I’ve been trying to keep my Sundays free so I can relax and do my weekly beauty routine. It feels so good and gives me motivation and energy for the entire week.

I usually start out with taking a bath and watching a movie on my laptop.



For all the girls out there who are trying to get rid of stretch marks & cellulite, this is an amazing scrub I found from rubnscrub. The entire package is between 10-20$ but it will last for a few months. It smells amazing and keeps your skin hydrated; especially good for the winter when my skin gets very dry.


Once I’m done with my bath (usually almost 2 hours until I’m done with the movie), I’m using a body lotion from Shea Moisture which has all natural and organic ingredients.


Since I have hair extensions and it takes a while for them to dry, I’ve started using this pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer from Redken which has helped me so much protecting my hair and get it dry so much faster. By the way if you wanna know more about my hair extensions, read my last blog post (click here).


Now that my hair is done, I’m moving on to my nails. When I was younger, I always messed up doing my nails. I had never enough patience to wait and let them dry 100% before touching something. Now that I have my Sunday beauty routine, I know I have enough time to let them dry before messing them up:) The ones in the picture are my favorite colors from LONDONTOWNUSA for the fall / winter.




Now, that’s just me and maybe I’m weird but I always love to put on some perfume when I get out of the shower / bath cause I just love to smell good. Even if I’m just staying at home and don’t go out at night. My little tip is the Luxuryscentbox perfume which is a monthly description. I’m someone, I get tired of something very quick and like to change it up all the time. Luxuryscentbox is perfect for me since I don’t have to pay so much money for a new perfume which I’ll have to wear for a few months before buying a new one. They send you a new fragrance each month:)


After this routine, I’m all relaxed and ready for the week, I’m just gonna lay on my couch, drinking hot tea, read all your comments and go through some of your instagram stories 🙂

And NO, I didn’t get paid to tell you my beauty routine. These are all the products I love the most and I’ve been using some since years, some just lately.


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