What to do when you’re stuck?

Sometimes we think we’re meant to be someone or do something. We have no patience cause we want it tomorrow. We force everything in our power to get there as fast as we can. We sacrifice friends, family, our lives and souls just to get “there”. Then we have rocks that block our path, we go around, and around, and around, and around…. Until the rock is too big.
We get shattered and are forced to stop. We reflect on what happened, we think: why did this happen to me? Time flies and months are passing by… Since then, we just have fun and enjoy our life cause that’s what makes us happy. Out of this happiness we start walking a new path. A path that you walk because you want to, because you love it, because it’s fun and it makes you smile every time you walk it. No worries about the future because all that matters is the NOW, no rush, no lies, no what if… Just the real you!
My name is Manou- or should I say Manuela? Cause that’s the name my parents gave me when I was born. This is my story and I’m so happy I’m not walking this path alone. No! I’m walking this path with all of you guys. Every single one has supported me so much and it means the world to me how all of you changed my life! Thank you so much!
And remember : if this big rock wouldn’t have hit me and I wouldn’t have been shattered, I would’ve never changed my path. I would’ve never felt what life is really about. I would’ve never enjoyed every single day 100%. And when I say 100%, I mean 100%. You wake up with a smile, you eat healthy, you spend the day, you have good and real friends, you go to bed and reflect of how beautiful life can be… ❤️ I hope I can inspire you with my story and help you walking your path as well; the path of happiness & not the path of “I want this so bad”

Have a happy Sunday and maybe take the day off to just enjoy and
do whatever makes you happy
Kimono : Ble Clothing
Shoes : Bedstu
Bikini Top : Jesilis Swimwear
Jewelry : NomadWest

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