What to know about The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the western Hemisphere. In winter the lake is filled up with water and only the edges are frozen. And in summer, the water level drops and you can actually walk on the lake.

Driving to The Great Salt Lake, there’s a few Tips I wanna give you :

  • In summer you can walk on the lake BUT it smells extremely bad
  • when you leave, you’ll be having a lot of tiny bugs in the car (they’re everywhere in the parking lot)
  • walk out until you see the water, that’s where it’s the most beautiful
  • be prepared to see a lot of dead birds everywhere
  • we stopped at The Great Saltair which is a good place you can walk out on the lake

You might think now: after reading all this, why would I even go there? I’m telling you why: Because once you stop being a PUSSY and step outside your comfort zone, I’m telling you : it’s absolutely amazing!! The colors of the water, the sky with the mountains in the background, the whole scenery is breathtaking! I took my shoes off and walked into the lake. It’s not deep at all, it only covers your feet. The ones who watched my LIVE chat on Facebook, they know I almost lost my phone in the lake! I pressed the button GO LIVE and my phone fell out of my hands while walking in the lake. Luckily somehow I caught it and it was safe 🙂 And the fun part: it was all captured on video!

See the pictures below and you’ll understand why you need to go there walking next to dead birds and stinky smells.


Dress : Raelynnsboutique



Necklace : Judith Poe 

Earrings : Nomadwest


Perfume : Luxuryscentbox 

Water : 3 water


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