so swiss and always on time

Yes it’s true. Swiss people are the most conservative people I know.

We have a thousand rules we follow all the time. Super polite, very friendly, some people might call us neutral BUT the most important part: WE ARE ALWAYS ON TIME. And with always, I mean ALWAYS. If you’ve been in Switzerland or you’re planning on going there anytime in the near future, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you’re meeting a friend for coffee and the swiss person is running 3 minutes late: THEY WILL CALL OR TEXT saying that they’re running 3 minutes late and that they’re very sorry about that.

Now let me tell you: since I moved to LA 6 years ago, I can probably count with 2 hands, how many times people were actually early or on time. Here in LA, being late for 30 minutes is normal. Unless it’s a dinner meeting, then they’re 1 hour late. Period.

So go figure why the Swiss people love wearing watches 😉

I can’t be without a watch. Why? Because…. yes… you got it right… I’m SWISS! LOL!

Therefore I got this beautiful and stylish watch from Mockberg. Mockberg is a brand born in Stockholm (Sweden), a country where all the beautiful blonde and blue eyed people are from. Seriously, I’ve been in Stockholm myself. It’s such a cute city with lots of creative people.

So if you ever wanna go to Europe, you have to go visit Switzerland and Sweden. The 2 countries that people here in LA always get messed up with for some weird reason.


Watch : Mockberg

Bracelets : Alexfeinwerk, Tjazelle, Laialjewels

Rings : Dieselboutique, TheFaintOfHeart 


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