Antelope Canyon : maybe the most beautiful place on earth?

Day 5

It’s 11pm and we’re trying to sleep since we have a 6am Tour at Antelope Canyon. I’m reflecting the things I’ve seen that day : Horseshoe Bend, this huge tourist attraction. When you arrive there, there’s no security, no fence, no guards… Just tourists trying to take the best picture ever for their memory! I’ve seen people stepping out on the very edge of the rocks just to snap a quick photo. A younger woman, terrified of height, yet she stepped out on that tiny little rock to take a picture… When we drove away from the parking lot, we saw these 4 little crosses right beside the road. Crosses with names on it. Names to be remembered of people who got killed at this amazing place. Did they fall down by snapping a picture at a risky spot? Did they get scared when they were standing at the edge and somehow lost their balance? Its midnight and I still didn’t sleep. Too many thoughts about what could have happened if… Should I’ve told this lady not to take the picture? Everything went well but what if not? I’m having a panic attack and can’t stop thinking of the what if’s. I’m extremely scared of height and I believe I’m not the only one. lol. Visiting all these places so far, I’ve seen so many people risking their lifes trying to find that ONE AMAZING SHOT! Is it worth it? Do you really have to prove yourself to everyone and playing the hero taking this picture? NO! You don’t!! Be safe!

It’s 3am and I’m closing slowly my eyes cause in a few hours we’re going to Antelope Canyon which is definitely one of my favorite locations on this entire trip.

5am, alarm goes off! 2 hours of sleep BUT Antelope Canyon Tour is on our schedule! I’m beyond excited cause all the pictures I’ve seen IN the internet were absolutely stunning.

Little insider TIP: If you ever wanna visit Antelope Canyon, you have to book a tour. Otherwise you won’t be able to get in by yourself to go look at it. All of these tours sell out very fast. We did the “Scenic Upper Canyon” Tour with ANTELOPESLOTCANYONTOUR. Our tour guide Hernes was super cool and even took pictures with our phones for us. See below to get an idea of how magical this place is :


Dress : RaelynnsBoutique

Shoes : MimiandLeuleu

img_0766 img_0767 img_0770 img_0771 img_0788 img_0885 img_0889 img_0921


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