Zion National Park has one of the most dangerous hikes in the world!

And off we go to Zion National Park 🙂

Insider TIP : Zion National Park has a lot of amazing places. But before you go there, make sure you do your research and look up the places you wanna visit. And if you don’t have the time to prepare, already the drive through the Canyon is absolutely gorgeous.

Did you know one of the most dangerous hikes in the world is at Zion? And NO, I didn’t do it 😉 I’m way too afraid of height. Check out the picture below (I don’t own the copyright) from ANGELS LANDING ZION, you might understand why I’m saying : nope, not doing this!


Because of Miss “I’m so scared of height”, we found a super cute little river floating right next to the road. We stopped and had one the most relaxed, fun and enjoyable moments on our trip. Probably it’s because I’m an aquarius, water makes me happy 🙂 I could sit and listen to the sound of waves or water flowing for hours.

We spent about an hour at the river before we saw a dark cloud arriving very fast. The weather changes in all the Canyons can be very dangerous. Especially flash floods, often caused by storms miles away, are a real danger and can be life threatening.

That being said: enjoy traveling but make sure you’re doing your research before planning any crazy hikes!

Therefore we left Zion right on time before the rain came…

img_1387 img_1422 img_1432

Shirt : NXSApparel

Jeans : FreddyPants

Shoes : Bedstu

Jewelry : Nomadwest


Water : 3water

Backpack : Sorial


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