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Hey you!

I’m finally back here on my Blog and with so many updates 🙂

As many of you guys might know, I’m currently pregnant and I’ve been way too excited about this whole journey. Chris is the most amazing hubby I could’ve ever wished for. We’ve been together for 5 1/2 years but we have so many memories  together – it almost feels like, I’ve known him my entire life. Who can relate to that? I believe it’s that moment you found your true soulmate.

Something I always wanted to have : our best memories of us I can put on my wall and. A few weeks ago, my mom introduced me to A website where you can create canvas prints, photo books, calendars, cards and much more. My mom is not fancy and super modern : YES she has Instagram 😉 I installed her the app so she can always stay up to date and see what I’m doing. She likes my posts, looks for fun accounts and who to follow and kind of thankfully she hasn’t learned how to leave comments yet! Hehe! One day she came across the Instagram account of Mixbook and showed it to me on FaceTime saying : “Look how cute this is. Didn’t you always wanna print out some pictures of you and Chris as a collage ?” I couldn’t believe my mom found this cool website and wrote it down, so she wouldn’t forget to tell me.


So I ended up getting myself some printed canvas with all of our most important photo memories on it. The wedding last year, roadtrips we’ve done together, the best restaurants in town we’ve eaten at, fun events we’ve attended to… At home we wanted to hung it up in our living room so everyone could see it  🙂


Creating this canvas with has been so easy and fast. It’s a very simple process (even your mom will be able go through) :

Chose the product you want (book, print, post cards, calendar…)

Chose a layout

Upload the photos

Insert them into the layout

One last look aka preview

Order it


There’s so many of those website out there where I always get lost because there’s too many options. I prefer having it simple and fast. Even for my mom, who has never created anything like this online, she understood how to do it by herself without my help at all.


When you wanna order something on Make sure you keep an eye out for discounts. They have always special offers such as “Free Shipping” or “Discounts”.

We are currently preparing our apartment for our little munchkin who will join our family in September.  Until then, I’m enjoying looking at the canvas in my living room every time I walk by there… But I definitely can’t wait to add some more to our collage when the family will be extended …


Dress up in costume and party with your favorite DJs for Halloween this year in Los Angeles. Society Unici and the London DJ duo EC Twins threw a Halloween rager in Culver City. The red carpet was packed with witches, mermaids, face paint, and a whole lot of sexiness!

EC Twins played an entire 3 hour DJ set and the crowd danced the entire time! Drinks were

! The London native

EC Twins




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Gossip from LAFW

What’s the best part of a fashion show?! THE SWAG! Just kidding, it’s the fashion 😉

My PR/Marketing Guru Jillian Wilson and I talk Los Angeles Fashion Week and reveal the best moments!

Los Angeles Fashion Week kicked off in Downtown LA at the Alexandria Ballroom. LAFW put on a gorgeous show with top designers, beautiful artwork, and a ton of fun, interactive booths for attendees to play with.

Jillian & I talk about how confidence is key to any look. Style is everything but it’s the way the person carries themselves that makes all the difference.

Laugh with us and love us! Subscribe, comment, and tell us what you want us to do next!


What was I wearing?












Jillian’s dress (non-influencer) by Alice and Olivia



Rinda Salmun

Datari Austin London

Farrah Abu

Resty Lagare

Elie Madi

Rocky Gathercole


Marisa Clark

Sanja Bobar

Burning Guitars Clothing

Noe Bernacelli




Issue Thailand

George Styler

Jeffry Tan

Sav Lavin

Radka Salcmannova


Lela Eloshi

Mary Me Jimmy Paul

Nordic Angels

BYO (Tommy Ambiyo)

Lotus Jakarta

Wicked Things Boutique

Fair by Odair Pereria

Fernando Alberto Atelier

Usama Ishtay

Dexter Simmons

Charles and Ron


Le Mieux

Style & Society



Style the Runway

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Always in Fashion

April Love Pro Team


Destination Luxury

Kiss Professional






Aqua Pacifico

Vita Coco




Trendz Colors

Fashion United

Living proof.

Bai Life

MOIRA Makeup

Passion Roses

85 Celsius


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Official Manou is an international platinum recording artist and fashion model from Switzerland. She toured all over Europe, went platinum selling over 1 million records, and touched the hearts of teenagers and beyond all over the world as a Disney singer and star.

She’s appeared at the Grammy’s, VMA’s, and a number of other prestigious award shows.

Manou has been casted on the latest Amazon Prime series “Model Diaries”. Stay tuned to watch the series online in the next few weeks on FNL network.

Manou was part of the popular pop band called ‘BEFOUR’. The Disney Channel recognized their talent and showcased them on the Disney Channel in a series called ‘BEFOUR, the Star Diary’. Manou starred as herself on the show that aired daily on Super RTL for multiple seasons.

After breaking from the band to pursue her passion for modeling and fashion, Manou moved to Los Angeles to dive into the fashion world.

Manou was already recognized for her unique fashion sense, her bold hair styles, most notably her mohawks, crazy long and wild hair, and outfits that would made every head spin.

She turned this passion for style and fashion into her daily job. She travels all over the world modeling for a wide array of different designers and clothing brands. She is known for her exploration and modeling these styles in breathtaking areas like Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Manou’s goal is to inspire others to stand out and go for bold looks with confidence! Her mantra is to feel good and go for whatever look you want, just as long as you stay true to you and go for it! Confidence is everything and she wants you to feel that in everything you do.

Follow her journey, style, lifestyle, and beyond by following her online here!






Jillian Wilson is a public relations and marketing guru who began her career in media as a multimedia journalist and TV reporter. After transitioning from news to television production, Jillian worked at the Emmy Award winning TV show ‘The Voice’ for over 6 seasons and built a strong Los Angeles and New York based television, music and media network.

Jillian founded her own PR & Marketing company called Must Be Nice PR in June 2016. The company social media produced the 2016 Emmy Awards by the Television Academy and Don Mischer Productions. Other clients include music artist Blackbear, Baby Ariel, WWE wrestler Mandy Sacs, comedian and television personality, Johnno Wilson, and more.

Jillian’s PR company took on the Beverly Hills medical world in 2016 to help build doctors celebrity and digital presence. She began working with world renowned cosmetic dermatologist and liposuction expert, Jason Emer MD and helped build his following of over 100k across multiple platforms, 50K on Instagram and a growing Facebook and YouTube channel. Dr. Jason Emer is now asked to speak around the world for his use of digital marketing in the medical field.

Jillian is currently the public relations and marketing manager for Infusio, a stem cell therapy and alternative medicine institute, based in Frankfurt, Germany, Beverly Hills, California, and soon to be Palm Beach, Florida.

She is extremely passionate about entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion and continues to build this network and explore these fields in her daily life. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and has a zest for wanting more!

Jillian is from Westchester County, New York and has a degree in journalism and TV production from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jillian has worked for news outlets, ABC News Nightline and Good Morning America.

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Day trip to Catalina Island

Living in LA since 7 years, I’ve always heard so many stories about Catalina Island and how beautiful it is. You guys know how much I love traveling and seeing new places.

Whenever I go on trips, I do a lot of research, what do to, how to get there, what’s the most famous spot to visit but also the most beautiful places to take photos at. I basically already know the place before I even go there;)

Watch my VLOG to see what do on a day trip to Catalina Island:

I booked the boat and the activities via Tripadvisor . I think it was one of my fastest planing ever. Compare to all my other trips I’ve done so far, I was always stumbling through different websites to do my research what to do. With Tripadvisor you can read all the reviews, see what people like the most, how much it costs and then book it in a few simple steps.

If you ‘re ready for an adventure, click the link below:

Miracle Ring from ELITE AND LUCK

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect soulmate? Of real love? A life without problems and full of happiness.

This beautiful Rose Quartz jewelry set by Elite And Luck represents all of this together. Is is a stone of the heart, unconditional love which carries a feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Rose Quartz dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates love energy through the entire aura.

I shot this video to show you miracles do happen 🙂


How to get beautiful skin with Mila Moursi

I never thought I’d actually be able open up in public about my skin problems I’ve had over the years. I always thought I have to be perfect looking. Living in Hollywood since a few years has shown me even more how some girls have the PERFECT skin, no pimples, no wrinkles, just this beauty glow that every girl wishes to have.

When I was in the Disney band, I used to put so much makeup on all the time. We had so many appointments all day long, I wasn’t even able to remove my makeup in between, so I’d put one layer after the other one on top of it.

The result is pretty clear : my skin got so bad, I wouldn’t even leave the house anymore without wearing makeup at all. I went to so many Dermatologists who would put me on antibiotics, gave me very aggressive skin care products and nothing ever helped.

My skin right now : 

Finally after years and years of not being able to clear up my skin,  I finally got introduced to this lady Mila Moursi. With more than 30 years of experience, Mila Moursi is known as Beverly Hills’ secret and hidden expert in ultimate skin care.

I wanna take you on this journey with me and show you step by step what Mila Moursi is doing to get my skin looking all beautiful and glowing again.

Products I’ll be using for the next few weeks :

Face :

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Refining Lotion

Body : 

  • Shower Gel
  • Refining Body Scrub
  • Firming Body Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush
  • Revitalizing $ Beautifying Oil

Here is a video I did for my first visit at Mila Moursi Skin Care in Beverly Hills:

If you’re having bad skin, you have to see Mila Moursi. Trust me, I’ve tried so many different ways how to fix my skin. And spent so much money for absolutely nothing. After only one treatment, I called my parents and the first thing my mom said : Manou, your face looks different. What did you do? I explained her I finally found someone who will be able to fix my skin issues.


Can’t wait to show you all my end results after a few weeks treatments.


Testimonials :

I love Mila Moursi’s skincare line and treatments. She has helped keep my skin healthy and beautiful. Mila is an expert in her field and a true professional. I noticed a significant difference in my skin since I began using her products. She’s a skincare miracle worker!!! – Jennifer Aniston

I am blown away by Mila Moursi products and treatments. I love their consistency and scent.  But mostly, they work. It’s the best facial I have ever received.      – Courteney Cox

Since I began using Mila Moursi’s skincare line my skin has made a complete transformation. I noticed the difference immediately. Her products continue to improve my skin and keep it looking youthful and refreshed. I’m grateful for Mila and her products. – Chelsea Handler



My first time laser hair removal at LaserAway

I had my very first laser hair removal appointment at LaserAway. I did so much research before I went but I still couldn’t figure out if it hurt or not. (VIDEO AT THE BUTTOM)

When I got there, my first question of course: WILL IT BE PAINFUL? The beautiful lady with the perfect shaped eyebrows said “if you’re doing the legs, then no, you won’t have any pain” and thank god I was actually there to get my hair removed on my legs.

Now did I mention this was exactly the same doctors bed Khloe Kardashian got her very first laser hair removal done as well? Therefore I told myself, if she can do it, I can do it too;)

After filling out a ton of forms, I was finally ready to go into a small little room. I thought they wanna freeze me since the temperature was so cold, but I guess it had to be that way for the laser machine. The scary part is the sound of the machine, it was so loud so you can barely talk to each other.

Another lady came and told me to put this cute little white skirt on and then we all got those special glasses. Then I was laying down and she painted some kind of skeleton (well that’s what I call it, I’m sure there’s some kind of professional term for it) on my legs to know exactly which parts to laser after each other.

She turned the machine on and started on my lower legs close to the food. Then she stops and says “does it hurt?”. I thought I was fooled because honestly I couldn’t even feel she was doing something. So there you have my answer if it hurts : NO, it doesn’t hurt at all.

When I turned around on the back, you can feel a tiny little pinch, but it’s so fast that I didn’t really care at all.

Now watch the video to see my full experience:


My favorite strapless bra

I know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a good strapless bra.

I’ve tested out a few strapless silicone bras and here is my absolute favorite: The Kissbobo Women’s Strapless Invisible Self Adhesive Silicone Bra.

The bra is super easy to apply and remove and comparable with other bras: it literally stays the entire night. With some other brands I’ve been experiencing the bra would move or even come off after a few hours.

The packaging is my favorite part about it because it comes in this super cute bag which is perfect for all the people who travel a lot.

When you feel like it doesn’t hold that good anymore, simply wash it with warm water and let it air dry and the adhesive will regenerate itself for next use.

And this is how you can wear it with a top:


Hair Extensions Tutorial

Who doesn’t want hair extensions? If you saw my earlier blog about my hair, you’ll understand why it is one of my favorite days in the year to get new extensions.  Watch this tutorial to learn how I’m getting them done.

And of course we used my absolute favorite blow dryer and straightener from T3:)




If you ever wanna get new hair like me, this is the company I’m getting my extensions from (btw they have offices worldwide) :

My favorite products from T3 :

Video filmed & edited by


How to wear your ankle boots

Honestly ankle boots are my absolute favorite shoes ever. No matter what you’re wearing, they always match. You can combine them simply with a dress, shorts and a T-shirt or jeans which is what I did.

These ankle boots from Sandgrens are all handcrafted in Sweden. Watch this video to see how they make them. It’s absolutely fascinating and inspiring to see a company growing that much over generations and generations.

The boots and also their big variety of clogs are a little bit more pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. The quality is amazing and they will last a good few years. So instead of buying new shoes every year, you spend a bit more but it’ll be that pair of shoes, you’ll wear even a few years later.


Prince’s house and the awkward Oscars

Thursday Feb 23rd

What an Oscar weekend?! Remember when Kesha broke into Prince’s house to make news and become famous? I’m not that crazy to do that plus I actually got invited from my friend Sonia Rockwell to watch a Haute Couture Fashion Show that takes place at Prince’s house. It is a perfect pre Oscar Black Tie Gala.

We arrive there around 8pm. The entrance is blocked with a huge gate. A guy is standing there, telling us we will be the last ones to enter the party. Lucky me who has a boyfriend who told me to hurry up while getting ready:) Otherwise we wouldn’t have made it on time.

The huge gate opens and we are walking up a very steep driveway until we’re arriving in front of a light up staircase. The entrance door was open and it leads us right into one of the multiple living rooms the house has.



The event is inside a huge room and of course Prince’s music is playing. Everyone is dancing, drinking, networking, taking pictures on the red carpet people start sitting down for the fashion show.


My friend Sonia who is hosting the party grabs the mic and let people know to sit down and get ready for the Beverly Hills Haute Couture Fashion Show, with Veteran Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Designers Dalia MacPhee, Kaptain and emerging designers Isaac Newton & Aaron Juton represented by International Designer Sandra Costa. Former Art Director of British Vogue and Allure as well as Hilfiger’s campaigns, Nazy Alvarez will coordinate with 15 top stylists from the celebrity style teams of Lisa Vann (Seattle) and William Edge (Nashville), with a fantasy fashion film set presentation and catwalk built by Ryan Williams Art Gallery (Las Vegas) and topped off with coordinated live music by Rock & Roll hall of fame musician Ralph Rieckermann of the Scorpions. The fusion of the creative talents each of the métiers d’Art artists is for the audience to experience the magic of fashion films in a live staged catwalk, the goal of immersing oneself inside the mind of the artist.

img_0298img_0454 img_0367 img_0378 img_0347

As soon as the Fashion Show is over, we are going for a walk inside the house to explore all the different rooms. Wow… Can I please move in? The rooms are very bright and the view is absolutely breathtaking.


I can officially say : I took a nap at Prince’s house 😉


My beautiful date ❤


Honestly, I didn’t wanna leave anymore but it got pretty cold and all I was wearing was this two piece from NOOKIE. I guess I should’ve brought a jacket but I guess a little but of suffering to look beautiful is what us girls love to do sometimes;)

Sunday, February 26th, The Oscars

As you all know, La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner of the Best Picture award when it was actually Moonlight that won. Jimmy Kimmel tried to smoothen out this awkward moment.

I mean, let’s be honest? I felt like the only thing missing was the popcorn! How in the world can they mess up an envelope?

I wanna know your thoughts: Do you think this really happened by mistake? OR was it all planned? Can’t wait to read your comments…








Now I gotta go and watch these 2 movies which I still haven’t seen;)

Fancy – World’s Smallest Stabilizer for Smartphone

The struggle came finally to an end:) Fancy is the smallest, lightest, and the most stylish camera stabilizer for smartphones. It only weighs 180g – perfect for carrying around wherever you go. Charge for 2 hours and have 8 hours of instant smooth video. You can even charge your phone using the built in power bank. This is the end of blurry photos and shaky videos for everyone. And for my ladies (and maybe gentlemen), it has a little mirror and a built- in light.

Wewow Gimbal already reached their goal in Indiegogo by 281% but if you wanna help donating, please see the link below :

My experience at the 59th GRAMMY awards

Going to the Grammy’s has always been a dream of mine. It’s next to the Oscars one of the hardest award shows to get tickets for. They sell out within 3 minutes. After a few years of trying, I was finally one of the lucky ones who submitted right at 10am on December 8th 2016:)

These tickets were for the ceremony and the official after- party. But of course I wanted to walk the red carpet which is one of the most amazing things of the entire night. I was fighting for over 1 month to get access to the carpet. You have no idea how many NO’s I’ve gotten. How many people tried to help, but nothing worked. They said only nominees are allowed to walk it.

On January 6th, I picked up the tickets at the Convention Center in DTLA. After a lot of negotiating, I finally convinced the guy to give me red carpet tickets!! Can you imagine my face when we walked away from the ticket office? I don’t remember the last time I had such a big smile on my face 🙂



Now having red carpet access, what kind of dress will I wear? Big thanks to PETA & CLD Style PR who helped me so much getting this amazing vegan dress from Madison James.

It’s February 10th, the big day is here. I’m beyond excited and super nervous at the same time cause I had no idea what’s awaiting me.

10.30am My Make Up artist Steven Bartling and my hair stylist from Hairdreams Marion Scott arrived


2pm : we’re ordering a luxury Uber car to drop us off at the Red Carpet.

3.30pm : after getting the car inspected by LAPD, we’re finally ready to get dropped off at the entrance


And now the red carpet madness begins;)


Ryan Tedder from One Republic


Travis Barker from Blink182


Carrie Underwood said she loves my look 💖 What an honor to get such a compliment from her.


Mike Posner & Rapper Blackbear


The very funny Katy Perry


German princess Heidi Klum



5pm The ceremony starts.


8.30pm We’re heading over to the after party where I finally get food after 12 hours no food at all 😦 I had breakfast and then started getting ready. Then we left and I totally forgot to bring some snacks – not that my clutch had any space left whatsoever….



Thank you so much Schweizer Illustrierte for this awesome article :


My NA-KD fashion addiction (part2)

Hi everybody,

I hope you had a great start into February? It’s my birthday this month, I’m going to the Grammys and I partnered up with NA-KD fashion to show you guys some of my favorite outfits from them. Basically I’m beyond excited and there’s so much more to come!!

But more about that in my next blog 😉 AND I have something for all of you too, BUT first watch the video : 

Sooooo, since NA-KD fashion is one of my favorite brands and I know a lot of you guys love it as well: You can get now 20 % discount for 1 purchase with my CODE MANOU20! You’re very welcome… hehe!

Outfit details :

Top :
Jeans :
Hat :
Belt :
Metallic Flash Tattoos :
Hair :

Photographer :
Produced & edited by Mathieu Cost, Blackstunt Production (

My favorite NA-KD outfit (part 1)

Had so much fun shooting this video for NA-KD fashion!

See below for all the outfit details.

Outfit details :

Top :
Shorts : http://happy-hour-collection.myshopif…
Coat (faux fur) :
Belt :
Watch :
Jewelry :
Metallic Flash Tattoos:
Hair :

Photographer :…
Produced & edited by Mathieu Cost, Blackstunt Production (…)


These boots are made for walking

2017 : A new year with new chances, new feels, new days, new desires and last but not least NEW SHOES!! I got these new boots from L’Artigiano (Italy) just in time for the cold winter in Switzerland.

Since 6 years I live in Los Angeles where it’s always sunny and we have very warm temperatures- basically the dream weather if you think about vacation 😉 And now I’m flying to Switzerland for Xmas to visit my family where it’s cold, rainy and even snowing. I couldn’t be any happier when these boots arrived. They’re not just super stylish, unique and cute, they’re actually more than perfect for typical European weather.

Of course I fell in love with the boots and had to wear them everyday no matter if I just went grocery shopping or actually travelled entire Switzerland with it. And you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me where I got them;) You know when you have that one pair of shoes / accessories which everyone will compliment you on it cause it’s just so original? Yep, that’s my new pair right here!

If you’re fast, you will even get a discount on all their shoes. It’s WINTER SALE until the end of January. Some of the items are up to 50% off.

I’m actually going to get grocery now and guess what I’ll be wearing? 😉



img_7617 img_7626




Lately I’ve been trying to keep my Sundays free so I can relax and do my weekly beauty routine. It feels so good and gives me motivation and energy for the entire week.

I usually start out with taking a bath and watching a movie on my laptop.



For all the girls out there who are trying to get rid of stretch marks & cellulite, this is an amazing scrub I found from rubnscrub. The entire package is between 10-20$ but it will last for a few months. It smells amazing and keeps your skin hydrated; especially good for the winter when my skin gets very dry.


Once I’m done with my bath (usually almost 2 hours until I’m done with the movie), I’m using a body lotion from Shea Moisture which has all natural and organic ingredients.


Since I have hair extensions and it takes a while for them to dry, I’ve started using this pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer from Redken which has helped me so much protecting my hair and get it dry so much faster. By the way if you wanna know more about my hair extensions, read my last blog post (click here).


Now that my hair is done, I’m moving on to my nails. When I was younger, I always messed up doing my nails. I had never enough patience to wait and let them dry 100% before touching something. Now that I have my Sunday beauty routine, I know I have enough time to let them dry before messing them up:) The ones in the picture are my favorite colors from LONDONTOWNUSA for the fall / winter.




Now, that’s just me and maybe I’m weird but I always love to put on some perfume when I get out of the shower / bath cause I just love to smell good. Even if I’m just staying at home and don’t go out at night. My little tip is the Luxuryscentbox perfume which is a monthly description. I’m someone, I get tired of something very quick and like to change it up all the time. Luxuryscentbox is perfect for me since I don’t have to pay so much money for a new perfume which I’ll have to wear for a few months before buying a new one. They send you a new fragrance each month:)


After this routine, I’m all relaxed and ready for the week, I’m just gonna lay on my couch, drinking hot tea, read all your comments and go through some of your instagram stories 🙂

And NO, I didn’t get paid to tell you my beauty routine. These are all the products I love the most and I’ve been using some since years, some just lately.


All about my hair

In this blog I wanna tell you the secret of having long and thick hair 🙂

Have you ever curled your hair and after 1 hour all the curls are gone? Since I am a teenager, I always tried different styles with my hair. But nothing would ever work or last long. My hair is very thin and therefore hard to style. It became to a point where I was so frustrated of wearing always straight hair. In 2007, I tried hair extensions from HAIRDREAMS for the first time.

I can tell you ladies : my life completely changed 🙂 Finally I could do whatever I wanted with my hair. I could curl them, straighten them, put them up in a cute ponytail, make some long braids… And since that day, I could never be without extensions from Hairdreams anymore.

Here are a few questions I get always asked about my extensions :

1. What kind of extensions do you have?

The hair is added with the Nano which is a laserbeamer. 

2. Is it real hair?

YES! I recommend always get real hair extensions. The money is 100% worth it. You don’t wanna go somewhere cheap when it comes to hair. 

3. How long does it take to get them done?

The process is very simple: First they cut my own hair, then they color it so it fits the extensions and then the extensions take about 1 hour max to add them to my own hair. 

4. How long can you let them in ?

Usually you can tell when it’s time to get new ones cause they “grow out” with your own hair. But generally every 4-6 months. 

5. Is it more difficult to style your hair like that?

For me it’s actually so much easier since I can finally do curls and other fun styles. The only thing you have to pay attention is to NOT put heat on the bond of the extension, otherwise you can melt the little piece where they’re attached to your own hair.

6. Don’t hair extensions damage your own hair?

I get this question asked all the time. And I can say, I’ve had extensions since almost 10 years now and I never had any problems of my own hair being damaged. Plus I’m doing so many photoshoots and style my hair all the time. I LOVE trying out new hairstyles and without the extensions I could never do anything like that. I think I would look the same in each picture…haha…

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to answer them. See the pictures below to get an understanding on how the entire process works.


This is a before picture. I still have some old extensions in it and I actually cut the hair myself a day before I went to get new hair just to see how I’d look like with shorter hair 😉


hairdreams-pic1 This is me without any extensions. Concerning the color: I decided to go with an ombre. I’ve had so many different colors before but I never had an ombre.

hairdreams-pic5Load the Nano laserbeamer


Split the hair

hairdreams-pic4 Pull the trigger

hairdreams-pic6 Finished 🙂

Find a salon near you :

Beauty Hair Trading, Inc. | 20380 Gramercy Place | Torrance, CA 90501, USA

+1 (888) 434-2471   Mon-Fri 9am-5:30 pm PST

Fax: (310) 224-7222


Hotel DIVA in San Francisco

Don’t you feel sometimes it’s very difficult to make a decision which hotel to stay at when you’re traveling, and you don’t know the city that well? You wanna be in the center but you also don’t wanna spend all your money on just the hotel.

Well here is my Hotel recommendation for San Francisco:

Hotel Diva is the most amazing hotel EVER! It’s in the middle of Union Square in San Francisco. You can either take the bus or Uber to wherever you wanna go to. I stayed at the Executive King Room which is very modern and super stylish. It comes with a big king size bed and a couch which you can convert into a bed. Everything is black & white, and don’t forget to close the window shades with the sexy pictures on it. The room had a little work corner with a desk, a fridge and a little sink. Although My favorite thing was the DIVA pillow 🙂 If you like to drink a little shot before you go out to enjoy the nightlife, they have Cosmopolitan shots in the lobby everyday between 5-7pm.

For all the DIVA’s like me… lol… out there, this is such a great hotel to stay at if you wanna feel like a DIVA for one night.

img_2649img_2636img_2638img_2663 img_2668

Halloween with Spirit Halloween

This year I can’t wait for Halloween to finally be here:) Who doesn’t like to dress up in crazy costumes and feel all scary and bloody for 24 hours?

I partnered up with Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s to make this years Halloween extra special. I decided to shoot a scary video and do a fun photoshoot with the characters from the video.

If you haven’t decided yet what to wear for Halloween, Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s are my two favorite stores here in LA (worldwide shipping). Their choices on costumes is beyond overwhelming and you can find anything you need to look scary, sexy, bloody or funny.

Here are some of the outfits I picked for our Halloween video we shot:

img_4520d img_4574d img_4674d img_4684d img_4750d


Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest; well known for The General Sherman tree, the largest tree on earth.

My insider TIPS :

  • really make sure you know where you’re going. Once you get there, there’s no internet connection at all.
  • be prepared for  A LOT of flies and other little bugs. You might wanna bring a bug spray
  • Sequoia National Forest is very big, it takes 1 hour just to get to the General Sherman Tree once you enter the park
  • Park entrance fee : 30$
  • Make research which trail you wanna walk : there’s so many and it’s very easy to get lost in the park since you won’t have any service with your phone

Where to stay at :

You can thank me later for this TIP 😉 The Geteway Lounge and Restaurant is one of the most popular Lodge and Restaurants at Sequoia National Park. It’s located right at the entrance of the park. Their restaurant is unbeatable and top rated because of its view of the Kaweah Rivers; which is absolutely breathtaking and relaxing. Visitors know about the continental cuisine and its excellence. If you’re lucky, you might even see a bear on the other side of the river while enjoying some nice dinner on the outdoor patio. The cutest thing is the 20 “Gateway ducks” floating and walking up and down the river.

We had a room with 2 queen size beds since we spent most of the time out in the forest doing photo shoots. If you’d like some more luxury, I highly recommend the “Honeymoon Suite cabin” which features a private sauna and a private balcony with view on the Kaweah River.

The Gateway Lodge and Restaurant

img_4187img_4186img_3644 img_3650 img_3658 img_3679 img_3686 img_3693

Kaweah River


LSTN Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Richmond And Finch iPhone case


img_4044 img_3816img_4160

Outfit, beach towel & sports bag: SouthBeachOfficial

img_3905 img_3978 Jeans : CelloJeans 

Belt : C4Belts

Sunglasses : Mawl Sunglasses

Shoes : Mia Shoes

Coat : Clockhouse


New iPhone – new case?

It’s that time of the year where everyone is upgrading their iPhones. And with the new iPhone we need a new case. Girls, how many of you have multiple cases just to make sure it fits the outfit? Yes, that’s me… I can’t just have one and stick with it. Everytime I leave the house, everything needs to match together. Let’s just put it this way : aren’t we all perfectionists somewhere?

Well here is my iPhone case collection from Richmond & Finch :




My favorite travel accessories

Since you guys might know I’m travelling a lot for my blogging. Over the time I made a list of my all time favorite travel accessories I have ALWAYS with me :


  1. Tote Bag from Sorial : It’s the perfect size for a bag you carry around in the city. I chose the white color since it matches any kind of outfit you wanna wear. Use the Coupon code MANOU20 when you checkout to get 20% off your purchase. Expires by the end of October.
  2. High Heels from Qupid Shoes : Never leave the house without a pair of high heels in your car 😉 At some point you might need it. Just put them in a separate bag in the trunk and I promise you: if you don’t bring them, you’ll definitely need them!
  3. iPhone6 case from Richmond And Finch : This case is so perfect for any time you’re leaving the house. It’s very light and it has 3 different card slots to keep your daily essentials organized.
  4. Christian Paul watch : How can people be without a watch? I mean, how many times do you look at your phone just to check the time? And how many times is your phone battery about to die cause you turned it on and off too many times? This watch is so stylish and it fits any kind of outfit from elegant to stylish casual. The most fun about this:  you can create your own watch with Christian Paul 🙂
  5. Peak Cosmetics Mascara : A girl knows the rules: Even if you don’t have space to carry all your make up around. A little bit of Mascara will change everything! This one is the 3D fiber Mascara which makes your lashes bigger & more voluminous looking by applying first the Gel and then the Natural Fibers. Try it out, I promise your lashes never looked that amazing before!
  6. Simag Jewelry : Simag Jewelry lets you create a bracelet with your own words on it. I chose HAPPY & FREE since I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my life than now. The freedom is here since I don’t do music anymore. Most of the people don’t understand but it’s very nice to don’t have that pressure anymore of “having something accomplished by that day, otherwise…. “
  7. Southbeachofficial Slippers : Can they be any cuter? I kinda wanna walk around my apartment all day long and don’t even leave the apartment anymore since I got those 🙂
  8. Southbeachofficial Eye Mask : It’s a panda !! I honestly can’t wait to wear it when I’ll be travelling to Switzerland in December 🙂 Little side note : it’s only 7.50$ which means perfect add on to your christmas gift for your girlfriends, bff’s, sister, mom, cousin…. Don’t wait until it’s too late. They’re selling out fast.




I had the honor working together with KAMSCLOTHING! They have everything from classy to edgy, elegant, evening dresses & stylish street outfits! Of course I had to do a shoot with this absolutely gorgeous black dress 😍

And as a contrast this pretty edgy & sexy 3 piece which I’d totally be wearing everyday if people wouldn’t stare at me when I’d go and get grocery in this kinda outfit 😉



Jewelry : Bijoutresor