In the desert with Blé Clothing

After 2 hours of driving, we left the freeway to drive towards Rainbow Basin. We pass a typical american small town of nothing but Motels, Biker & Liquor Stores and here and there a person walking down the street.

More and more we’re getting into the desert. It’s 110 degrees ( 43 Celcius), no human being, no animals (well they were probably scared of the smell of my perfume 🙂 ), no noise… Just us and this amazing scenario of mountains and desert!

Prepared with lots of water, an emergency kit and food, we start the shoot for the


BLÉ CLOTHING is all handmade and very good quality. I loved to dress up more bohemian for this shoot but you can easily wear some cute high heels or boots instead and make it more classy looking. BLÉ CLOTHING has anything from lace pants to very stylish kimonos, cute tops and very fun dresses.

But for right now, go and enjoy this beautiful clothing line!

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment 🙂


Top : Ble Clothing

Choker : DirtyGlam

Hat : Prana

Boots: ZooShop


Lace Pants : Ble Clothing

Top : CosmoAndNathalia

Necklace : JohnnyLovesJune


Dress : Ble Clothing

Necklaces : JohnnyLovesJune & Dieselboutique 


Top : Ble Clothing

Jeans : Cello Jeans

Shoes : Faryl Robin

Necklace : Adornaddict

Watch : KaptenAndSon


Dress : Ble Clothing

Shoes : Faryl Robin

Choker : SeamaidMarket


Lace Pants & Kimono : Ble Clothing

Top : SeaAmethyst

Choker : DirtyGlam


Lace Skirt : Ble Clothing

Crochet Top : SeaAmethyst

Shoes : Forever21

Hat : Rea Lynns Boutique


Dress : Ble Blothing

Shoes : BullboxerShoes


Dress : Ble Clothing

Shoes : BullboxerShoes

Necklace : TrezoLavi

Choker : DirtyGlam


Dress : Ble Clothing

Sunglasses : Poletta

Hat : EcuaandinoHats

Choker : DirtyGlam


Kimono : Ble Clothing

Jeans : CelloJeans

Crochet Top : SeaAmethyst

Boots : Deichmann Shoes

Hat : TitanicBoutique

Necklace : Fill4Style

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