Keep your memories on a CANVAS


Hey you!

I’m finally back here on my Blog and with so many updates 🙂

As many of you guys might know, I’m currently pregnant and I’ve been way too excited about this whole journey. Chris is the most amazing hubby I could’ve ever wished for. We’ve been together for 5 1/2 years but we have so many memories  together – it almost feels like, I’ve known him my entire life. Who can relate to that? I believe it’s that moment you found your true soulmate.

Something I always wanted to have : our best memories of us I can put on my wall and. A few weeks ago, my mom introduced me to A website where you can create canvas prints, photo books, calendars, cards and much more. My mom is not fancy and super modern : YES she has Instagram 😉 I installed her the app so she can always stay up to date and see what I’m doing. She likes my posts, looks for fun accounts and who to follow and kind of thankfully she hasn’t learned how to leave comments yet! Hehe! One day she came across the Instagram account of Mixbook and showed it to me on FaceTime saying : “Look how cute this is. Didn’t you always wanna print out some pictures of you and Chris as a collage ?” I couldn’t believe my mom found this cool website and wrote it down, so she wouldn’t forget to tell me.


So I ended up getting myself some printed canvas with all of our most important photo memories on it. The wedding last year, roadtrips we’ve done together, the best restaurants in town we’ve eaten at, fun events we’ve attended to… At home we wanted to hung it up in our living room so everyone could see it  🙂


Creating this canvas with has been so easy and fast. It’s a very simple process (even your mom will be able go through) :

Chose the product you want (book, print, post cards, calendar…)

Chose a layout

Upload the photos

Insert them into the layout

One last look aka preview

Order it


There’s so many of those website out there where I always get lost because there’s too many options. I prefer having it simple and fast. Even for my mom, who has never created anything like this online, she understood how to do it by herself without my help at all.


When you wanna order something on Make sure you keep an eye out for discounts. They have always special offers such as “Free Shipping” or “Discounts”.

We are currently preparing our apartment for our little munchkin who will join our family in September.  Until then, I’m enjoying looking at the canvas in my living room every time I walk by there… But I definitely can’t wait to add some more to our collage when the family will be extended …

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